“Happily Ever After”

Every now and then I find myself scanning the comics as I read the morning paper.  It falls down the list after the Sports section, the Style section, the Metro and finally the front pages.  Reading the comics and the horoscope is like dessert after a meal!

“Rhymes With Orange” hit home the other day, in an odd sort of way.  A couple, riding a horse, look to be a bride and groom, maybe even a prince and his princess, are stopped on the road, reading a huge sign that says “Welcome to Happily Ever After.”  “A place lacking all the drama and excitement that brought you together.”

It made me remember way back when I thought I could see those “Happily Ever After” days. 

We were a couple with two lives that were booming…going in all directions a million miles a hour and loving every minute of it.  We loved our careers, took pride in what we were doing and couldn’t wait for one story to end so another one could begin.  Excitement and drama with a little normal thrown in just to keep us grounded.  And we did it loving each other along the way.

I’m grateful those days… those years happened,  because they made the best memories.  I reach into my memory hat now and pull out so many of those fun times with Leroy and they make me smile.

Our “Happily Ever After” was short lived….but at least we lived them.


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