The Color Purple…

There’s a very special place in the Out Patient Center at the Kimmel Cancer Center.  Walking in the door, a person feels a serenity that separates them from the “cancer tempo” of doctors and nurses attending to patients as they walk in and out of appointments. 

This place is called “Image Recovery.”

Experts who know what it takes to make a cancer patient feel whole again, thrive in this little shop of miracles.  There are expert make-up artists, expert wig consultants, creams to make the chapped, dry skin from chemo disappear and cute hats, mugs and buttons that put cancer in its place with snide sayings. It’s a cancer spa, if that’s possible.

This week, this little shop has changed personalities to reflect the pulse of Baltimore; more to the point, it’s caught the same Super Bowl madness as the rest of the city of Baltimore.  The Ravens, who normally play their NFL season a stones throw from the cancer center, are preparing to take on the San Francisco 49ers down in New Orleans at this years’ Super Bowl. 

The Ravens and the color purple go hand-in-hand and during the regular season, it’s not unusual to see Hopkins personnel in some sort of purple gear, but this week, even the Image Recovery Salon has gotten into the mood. 

Cancer patients were treated to purple nail polish, purple balloons, even purple wigs!!  Ravens Super Bowl fever has boosted the spirit of all those who normally wait to be called in silence.  They can cover their cancer in purple.

Brain cancer, gray…Breast cancer…pink…Colon cancer….brown…Leukemia…orange

So many colors….

In Baltimore this week…the color is Purple…pure and simple.

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