Turn Up the Music…

Here it is, a month into the new year and how are we doing on those resolutions?

You remember….drop ten pounds, workout more, eat better, drink less. 

Well, I fulfilled one of my promises today, just under the wire too.  Truth be told, I didn’t start the day thinking about this particular resolution, it just kind of fell into my lap. 

I’d gone out to buy furnace filters after using the last one I had in reserve.  There truly is nothing I hate more than changing my furnace filter.  It is so hard to change.  I usually break out into a sweat just thinking about the challenge, but I did it and won’t think about it again for a few months. 

So there I was at the store, got the filters and I moved on to look around and I found myself in the music section and I landed at the “oldies” CD shelf.  Being a “boomer,” I was lucky enough to grow up around the Motown years and I couldn’t resist picking-up a couple of greatest hits CD’s.

You see, music was one of my resolutions.  Bring music back into this house.  It’s been absent for way too long.  Cancer stopped the music.

Leroy was a hard rock guy because he was a drummer.  I can’t tell you how many hard rock albums he collected and I listened to them too, but we really did have different taste in music.  But we always had music in this house.  It didn’t matter what it was, it was a part of the rhythm of our life together.  And yes, we’d even dance..maybe in the kitchen, maybe in the family room..and we’d laugh.  Some of the best music happened every year at our Halloween party.  We had a Zydeco band and everyone would dance.  You could feel the house rocking to the Cajun beat. 

So, I’m playing the new oldies as I write this and it’s just great.

The best resolution I could have made and I’m so glad I made good on it!  Can you hear it?

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