HOME..the best medicine

Robin Roberts had her bone marrow transplant last September.  She’s been on the mend but it has been one rough road.  There have been good days and not so good days as any cancer patient knows. 

The good days, she says, she’s cherished because when the bad days come, they are bad.

She’s made a cameo appearance on ABC News “Good Morning America” and her TV family has welcomed her back for a studio visit, but it’s clear her doctors are telling her to go slow.  Returning to her role as co-host of a major broadcast like GMA demands a lot from a body and Robin looks very frail.  She is planning on returning to her old post this month.  Her body might be weak, but her spirit shines brightly through that electric smile.

It was great to see her with two of her TV colleagues as they took  a trip back home today.  The jet landed in New Orleans and Robin was greeted by a group of college kids who put together a “Swobbin’ for Robin” campaign. They collected names of folks willing and able to become bone marrow donors.  Some lives will be saved thanks to these kids.  Then Robin headed for familiar territory, places she called “HOME.”  Places that did her body good.  She ate New Orleans food and was lifted up by Cajun music that demands a body move to the notes.  She felt alive and it was obvious this was the place she needed to be.

She’s had the best medicine, the best medical treatment available….but there is no substitute for HOME.

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