I heard some one say that the best thing we can do in this life is make an echo.  Hadn’t heard it put quite that way before, but I like it.

I was sitting across the dinner table from an young man who is making an echo and I’m not sure he even knows it. 

He’s healing from a long, hard journey through colon cancer treatment.  I hadn’t seen him in a few months and I was so happy to see his pink cheeks and clear eyes smiling back at me.  He looks like the picture of health.  There was no indication of any cancer hangover.  He’s part of a survivors clinic now at Johns Hopkins and he gets his three month check-ups, but other than that, he’s put cancer in his back pocket. 

Every year, Hopkins celebrates its cancer survivors with a special program and my friend will be at the podium to share his experiences with the other survivors in attendance. He’s nervous about sharing his journey.  He’s thinking “What can I say to them? They’ve been through it too.?”  

He is going to “wow” them and he doesn’t even know it because his attitude toward his disease has always been a little different from the norm.  To my knowledge, he never once thought about how his disease could take his life.  He just wasn’t going to allow that thought any space in his head.  He’s said as much.  He charged through surgery, chemo and many other procedures with only one goal in mind, to kill cancer.

He’s a stubborn one, my pal and he will stand at that podium when the time comes and deliver a message of strength and hope.  He will hammer home the importance of keeping the negative thoughts away and the healing thoughts alive.  He loves being alive.

I can hear the echo now.

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