My daily walks around the neighborhood are filled with “moments.” 

The “girls” as I like to call them, they’re really the 12 or so female deer who basically live on my street,  routinely scamper across the road from house to house nibbling on anything green.  They are graceful and beautiful to watch until I find them in my yard and then they lose their appeal! I had one the other day eating directly out of a bird feeder.  No shame, no hesitation and no bird seed left after I let-out a loud “shoo.”  She simply sauntered off, feeling no guilt.

The foxes are the twilight entertainment.  They start hunting for dinner at sunset and they are special.  Some nights the mom will carry her pups from place to place.   Throw in the large owls and magnificent hawks of all varieties and it really is animal kingdom at its best.

But those are just the animals. 

Today, it was a neighbor who lives on a nearby street who stopped to say hello.  Her house is on the market and I asked her how that was going?  She has an offer from a buyer and she began to tell me her worries about the negotiations.  I could hear the uneasiness in her words because she is a cancer widow.  She’s facing this sale…this move on her own and it’s caught her off balance.  She doesn’t have her partner, her husband to help in this big decision and she’s facing the fact that she will be packing up and leaving the home she shared with him. 

When cancer makes a widow out of you, it takes a long time to feel like you’re stronger enough to make the big decisions.  What was once so natural because you shared it with your spouse, now grows so large because it’s just you.  There might be professional input, but at the end of the day….it’s just you. 

We talked for a long time on the side of the road.  I’m not sure if any of her questions were answered, but I do know we felt a connection. 

Hard decisions…Two cancer widows

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