Cancer takes a Warrior

Where ever there was conflict, danger, war, Tom Aspell would be the voice behind the pictures and the sound for NBC News. 

 He was that “go-to” correspondent for 28 years.  Some journalists are cut from a different kind of cloth in the business of TV news.  They aren’t the type to wear a suit and tie and they don’t look comfortable if there isn’t a fire-fight or government coup going on behind them.  They need action and foreign intrigue to fill-in a space in their lives.   It’s hard work being this kind of reporter.  It’s hard and it’s dangerous work.

Tom Aspell found what he needed to thrive in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and any other “hot spot” story that would lead the ‘NBC Nightly News” on a regular basis. Over the years I always knew it was an Aspell report before I looked up at the television… It was almost like he’d picked-up a few grains of sand from all the wars he’d covered in the deserts of the Middle East and they’d stuck in his throat.  He had a raspy, unique voice.

Through all the tense, stressful travel and story coverage around the world, cancer found its way into this life too.  Tom Aspell died yesterday from lung cancer. 

He was 62 years old. 



WE  will all be less informed of world events now.

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