The Day That Changed A Family…

They are calling it “The Day That Changed Us.”

We all know it as the day the doctor said, “YOU have cancer.” 

This time the words rocked a large, wonderful loving family out in Southern California.  I’ve known many of them since I was a kid.  It’s their Mom who got the news.  A grade-4 tumor of the worst kind.  It’s fingers have grown out and reached into her brain and after traveling to cancer centers near and far, the best the doctors can suggest is a biopsy and radiation. 

Surgery would be too invasive and probably too dangerous. 

Family members have taken up a blog to keep family and friends informed because it’s just easier that way but when I read it, I feel the pain and sadness oozing through each explanation of what the doctors’ will try to do for this gentle, wonderful woman. 

One of the youngest members of the family, who is 5 and can’t begin to understand what the word cancer or tumor means, calls it an “alien” that has invaded his Noni’s head.  If he only knew how accurate a characterization that is of the beast.

I think of the ripples of tears that have fallen over this diagnosis and I multiply them over and over…so many other families carrying heavy hearts tonight after have a day that changed their lives too.


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