Where do the Hospice Cards go?

I remember the first time I noticed the Cancer greeting cards in the store; they were next to the sympathy cards.  I guess the person who was responsible for putting them in the proper place figured that was where they belonged, one arms-length away from sending condolences.

I never could understand why Hallmark decided to make Cancer greeting cards.  They do so many cards that send the right message when it comes to illness.  I thought the Cancer cards really missed the mark.  It was almost like they’d found the one person left in the world who had not been touched by cancer and given them the job of conveying, in a greeting card, what it meant to have cancer.  It was just wrong.

Now comes a woman who is asking them to make Hospice greeting cards.  Regina Holliday says that when her husband was sick with cancer, they received so many “Get Well Soon” cards, but when his cancer couldn’t be stopped and he entered Hospice, the cards stopped.  She thinks it’s time for a line of Hospice cards.  It seems she feels this would be a good way to open a line of communication on the end-of-life topic.   

The topic is tough enough to navigate between a care giver and a patient on any level.  I could never imagine myself purchasing a Hospice card for Leroy in hopes that he would have seen it as a way to begin a heart-to-heart conversation about his dying and I certainly couldn’t picture myself buying such a card for a friend either.  Hospice, dying, the final days of life are so precious and personal.  The cards probably stopped coming because the Holliday’s friends thought better than to impose on this very sacred time. 

I can’t remember many times, when I’ve gone into a Hallmark store looking for just the right message and walked out without a card.  But this is one time I hope they say “Thank you” and move on to the next idea.  If they do decide to make these Hospice cards, I can only hope they put them nearer the “Thinking of You” section and far away from the Sympathy cards…Please.  


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