The ‘Hard’ gets harder still…

Does it feel the fatigue, the vulnerability?  Does the hard work of being a care giver weaken the body or give off a signal to a predator like cancer that the time and place is prime for a strike?  Find the right soil and settle-in…another victim captured.

My neighbor down the street has been a care giver to her husband for a very long time.  He has been ill and she has taken on the full load of care giving tasks, plus everything else it takes to run two lives, a big house and a big dog.  She’s the foundation, the rock and I’m sure she probably thought she could do all these jobs forever.

Now, she has cancer.  The diagnosis is fresh and the fear is real.  Who will take care of things now?  She has to think of her care now, her treatment.  As we all know, there will likely be surgery or chemo…nothing comes easy in cancer world.  If will change the way she feels, the way she lives.

I know family and friends will surely step in to help arrange for whatever help they’ll need but it will never be the same. Her touch, her special attention to his every need will be different. 

It was already hard.  It’s about to get harder still.

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