These buds say “hope”….

I read an article yesterday that stressed how important it is to exercise outside.  There’s something about the fresh air that makes a person want to stretch-out and work a little harder.  The sun light, even on a cloudy winter day, helps the body cope with the long days of chilly, blustery weather.  Being outside helps the body and the mind stay healthier.

I’m a walker.  I’ve talked about my canal walks a lot and even on the days when I can’t get to the beautiful C & O dirt, I pound a path around my neighborhood and today I noticed these little white flowers poking up out of the dirt.  Talk about a breath of fresh air… I looked around the yards I was passing, there were hundreds of green shoots where daffodils will soon be too.  It’s almost as if they broke through the ground over night. 

How do they know when to do this?  I’ve heard so many people talk about how tired they are of Winter.  They talk about weather depression and all they really need is a sunny day or a daffodil or a tulip to change their outlook.  And I think about all those with illness, who are going through treatment, or are waiting for a transplant and to think a bright yellow flower can make a difference in their life. 

These buds say “HOPE.”  They are the signs of life that say healing, a future, or a cure.   Maybe even for a just a few minutes, they take away the fear of being sick.  I can’t wait for all these buds to open and paint the day with Spring colors.

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