Home is where the heart is…

She’s a woman who went through what so many of us, as care givers to cancer patients went through.  He was her husband.  A healthy man, who went in for a routine annual check-up and had a chest x-ray.  The shadow just below the lungs changed everything.  There was nothing routine about the check-up anymore.

Lymphoma turned a healthy, happy couple into a care giver and a cancer patient who died a few years after his diagnosis.  It’s been 3 1/2 years now and she says she’s “ready to move on.”  So the house went on the market and was quickly sold.  Now, it’s the reality that’s sinking in.  She’s leaving the home she shared with him for over 27 years.  Some of those years were the hardest because of the cancer.  The best of the years were full of family and good memories under that one roof.  Those walls absorbed the happiest and saddest of times.  She’ll take with her, all the important parts of her life with him and begin again.

Home is where the heart is….

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