It’s how we’re connected….

Mo is right…women who lose their spouses have a different way of sharing that loss than men do.   We gather strength from other women who open their hearts and let the hurt pour out.  It’s both cathartic and healing and it frees others to share their grief too.  The widows find purpose in groups formed by other widows.  We want to help each other and to be honest, there’s something to be said about realizing you’re not alone in this struggle.

Being a widow is a struggle.  There’s the obvious reasons; money, companionship and it’s all of a sudden a table for one, instead of growing old together.  Some decide they aren’t willing or able to go it alone and finding a new companion fills a big hole.  I’ve always thought widowers move faster to find a new partner.  Men, it seems, replace a hand to hold and a heart to share more than women, especially after losing a long time mate.

But when it’s a new loss, the hurt is huge and we all need as much support has we can get.  The lifting is what saves us all….It’s how we’re connected.

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