Body Building…

The stages of cancer that have nothing to do with the progression of the disease, takes real guts to endure.

I have two friends, two women, who have gone through the hardest part of the fight and they have lived through it, staying strong and defiant every step of the way.  They have endured chemotherapy.  They have fought through the malaise that is radiation.  

Upon diagnosis, their oncologists gave them options on fighting the disease and they both decided to sacrifice the bodies they were born with.  They decided losing their breasts was the better option to losing their lives.  They want to live.  They weighed the odds, they studied the science and they consulted with the experts and made this huge choice.  They are warriors in the fight against breast cancer.  I am in awe of their courage.

They have healed now from the first stage and the “reconstruction phase” is here.  One woman is a few steps ahead of the other, but in “body building” only. She’s a week out after surgery and her spirit is strong and her will is sharp.  She has a new body now…something close to what she was born with and feeling whole again has given her back more than just her breasts.  She’s got her groove back. 

My other friend is just home from the hospital and at the moment, it hurts to be whole again…but I have no doubt she will heal quickly.  She’s said it many times, “I want to live.”   And she will. 

We talk so often about how cancer treatment has improved over the years, how researchers have found ways to improve therapies and how cancer patients live longer thanks to these discoveries.  Let’s not forget how specialists in cancer reconstruction have perfected their skills and found ways to put patients back together.  They work miracles building a body that is ready to take on life again….in reality, they build bodies and minds. 

These two friends are on their way back…all the way back.

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