“We couldn’t have made it without her.”

I don’t know how they do it. 

How do they stay in the hunt day after day, week after week?  Some of them live in cancer world for years. 

There is something so special that lives inside these women and men who call themselves oncology nurses.  They do so much more than administer treatment.  Infact, that may be the least of their magical skills.  I know they study hard to become experts in their field and they take the work very seriously.  Chemotherapy is a serious medicine.  Those bags are handled carefully and they are matched to the patient with extreme caution.  It’s life or death in a life and death disease.

But it’s the heart in these nurses that never ceases to amaze.  You know they must have bad days, but they don’t share that piece of themselves.  Instead, they greet each one of their patients walking into the chemo room with a smile.  They sincerely want to know how these folks are feeling…how life has been since their last visit.  Their tone of voice, their helping hands make it all  feel less threatening…when you know it can be the scariest place on earth.

Friendships…life long friendships are built between nurse and patient. And if the cancer wins in the end and the life-line that was created over months or years of these visits is severed, that relationship, even if it becomes distant, continues to hold a special place with the surviving family forever.  Years down the road, when stories are told about the cancer struggle, it’s ups and downs, there’s always the mention of the chemo nurse.  “We couldn’t have made it without her.”

No truer words were ever spoken.


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