Rhoda has terminal cancer…

There is no joke that can save Rhoda from this diagnosis.  Mary Tyler Moore could barely speak when she said she was devastated over the news.  These two women have been friends for a life time.   Valerie Harper, who played the wacky, whimsical Rhoda during the golden years of great TV comedy is in trouble.  She has faced cancer in the past…Lung cancer and doctors think this could be related.  You all know the story, the cancer cells travel through the body until they find the soil they need to dig-in and create more havoc.  In Haper’s case, it’s a rare form of brain cancer…leptomeningeal carcinomatosis….cancer in the fluid-filled membrane of the brain.

“Incurable” is such a concise word—I was terrified,” she said, after hearning the doctors discovery back in mid-January.  Her medical team has given her three months to live. 

There was a reason Valerie Harper was so good at being “Rhoda.”  She’s facing this just like her character would have…with resolve and a mind-boggling quote, ” I don’t think of dying..I think of being here now.”

But she said something else that really hit home…” Cancer makes real what we try to obscure from ourselves.  We spend our lifetimes thinking, ‘I’m never going to die.’ “But cancer, says, ‘Hey, not so fast.”

Must it always get the last word?

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