Move the pictures?

I have so many pictures of him and us,  I don’t know what to do with them all.  I’ve got that Spring fever organizing bug and I can’t bring myself to clear away any of the pictures that are framed and tell so many stories of who he was and who we were.

Every Halloween party has its own set of hundreds of photos.  They chronicle each costume year after year.  Dolly the Sheep, Linda Tripp, Gumby. Leroy’s 6 foot-5-inch image morphed into these characters and I can hear his deep laugh and see him wearing those hightop sneakers that finished-off each one of those costumes. Wonderful memories of friends and gatherings over the years.

I look around the room I’m currently in, typing this and he’s everywhere;Young, healthy Leroy standing on the bow of the Khiele, the catamaran we sailed on so many times when we were in Maui.  Our many visits to Disneyland, where we always found Mickey or Minnie or Donald to pose with, his time in Iraq, or just sitting on the couch reading a book.

If I get up and walk around the house, it’s pretty much the same everywhere I go.  He had….we had a lot of adventures. 

Maybe I’ll change strategies and think about changing the office space that will make room for filing some folders and clearing some floor space.  Maybe some furniture moves are in order.  I can’t touch the pictures…..those are still full of life and breath.

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