The Mystery Pill…

I’m just about convinced that the aspirin will end up being the pill that cures all our ills.  I’m hoping that labs today all over the world are preparing to continue studying the effects of aspirin on every cancer out there. 

You’ve heard the latest?  Aspirin vs Melanoma and the melanoma is losing.  Add it to the list….the growing list of cancers, like colon, breast, esophagus, stomach, prostate, bladder and ovary.  Aspirin, it seems after many studies, may protect against all these deadly cancers. 

The melanoma study, in the journal ‘Cancer’ looked at melanoma in 60 thousand post-menopausal Caucasian women.  They concentrated on light-skinned women who are more at risk.  Over a 12-year period, women who took aspirin at least a couple times a week had a 20-percent lower risk of developing melanoma.  Most of the women in the study took regular aspirin, not the baby aspirin.

The leaders of this study were quick to say all precautions should be taken before beginning this kind of protocol, like talking to your doctor, etc.  But it’s just one more reason to study this little mystery pill to see what else it can do. 

When researchers can line up eight of the deadliest cancers on the table and watch them shudder in the presence of one of the cheapest forms of medicine on the planet, there is a reason to smile tonight. 

Who do we thank for this little miracle?  Is it Hippocrates in 400 BC who took the yellow leaves off a particular willow tree, made a tea and found it to contain the properties of what we know to be aspirin?  Maybe we need to send a thank you note to the Bayer folks, who stamped the B-A-Y-E-R  on so many of these little white pills we’ve all taken for a simple headache. 

That turned out to be just the beginning for this little tablet….it’s benefits are just beginning to unfold.

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