It can take a village OR a block….

NO one can fight cancer alone. 

It takes the support of so many people who take on different roles….

I know of a couple of houses on streets near me where cancer has taken up residence.  The “all call’ has gone out for help from friends and neighbors and as you might expect, the response has been enormous. 

Meals…there’s a calendar, there’s a sign-up sheet and there’s a food general.  The general (a neighbor) is the organizer of the meals and she’s filling in each day of the month with a name and a dish for dinner so this family will not have to think about preparing it until a little bit of normalcy returns to the household.  That could be a very long time, but that’s OK, because there are enough people on board to keep them in dinners for a very long time.  For the kids in this family, whatever normal is left…dinner at the table provides it.

Dogs…they need normal too.  Down the block, neighbors who have dogs of their own and use the open power line fields as exercise runs, make an extra stop in the morning to pick-up the dogs in the home where cancer has interrupted life.  Everybody wins here…the dogs get to run and play with their dog pals and there’s quiet time in the house they leave behind, at least for a little while. 

Doctor visits…neighbors are forming car pools to help get these patients to their appointments.  Treatment, check-ups…they fill up the days and drivers are lining up, ready to roll.

Play dates…kids need a break from cancer.  Family life has changed.  Friends and neighbors are inviting them to movies, ballgames or just dinner at a friends house.  It’s all about finding a cancer-free zone for a few hours.

The really scary part of this is, these are just two homes where cancer lives….I can’t imagine how many more there are just around the corner.


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