It’s an N-E-D kind of day…

In the space of a day, he went from barium to delirium….

When I emailed him to say “Good luck…I’m thinking of you” he answered by saying he was in a waiting room sipping from a cup of barium, getting prepped for a scan.  I knew exactly where he was and what he was drinking and how long they would make him wait until the liquid had gone where it was supposed to go.  The scan wouldn’t take very long…it would light-up the screen, in search of cancer.  

Then there were the labs.  How would the blood look?  Any unusual cell counts?   You think you feel OK.  What was that nagging muscle ache the other day?  Was it just a muscle ache?  What about the headache?  Probably just a caffeine hangover…or maybe not.

The minutes go so much slower on check-up days. 

He finally got to hear the results of all the tests, all the scans.  “Everything went great…Thanks for the positive vibes.”

The scans didn’t light-up and the blood work was good.

The drive home, a happy one.

There’s nothing like an N-E-D kind of day.

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