Climbing at our own speed…

“You’re strong enough to rise above most any troubled time…

Today may be a mountain,

but you were born to climb.”

Words on a Hallmark card I gave to Leroy many years ago because I wanted him to know that even though we both knew his cancer would eventually take his life, his courage and will to live would be the part of his struggle I would remember for the rest of my life. 

The hard days of aches and pain and feeling like it would have been so much easier to give into the disease than stand-up and face it like he did for so many months..years even, showed me a strength in him that I admire to this day.

Cancer is not for the weak at heart. 

No one can challenge it without support and love and a lot of lifting. 

It was the worst of a life experience, but it brought out the best in him, in so many ways. 

I can think of so many others, going through it now, who are climbing that mountain at their own speed.




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