A Changing Canvas

How many times have we all wished some one a “happy, healthy” birthday? In fact some versions of the ‘Birthday Song’ ends with “…and many more.” 

When we think of our lives, we quietly hope for happiness, some level of success and health to give us many years of a good life.  That goes for the ones we love too. 

If we could paint a canvas that represents our lives, we’d paint with vivid colors and make a landscape of hills and valleys representing the highs and lows of our journey.  Probably more hills than valleys, with maybe a rainbow in the background and an infinity sky to erase any boundaries. 

As many of us know here, it doesn’t always play-out that way. 

Shadows seep into our image.  They cloud over our hopes and dreams. 

Cancer stains my canvas..it is indelible. 

From it, I’ve learned how painful it is to grieve the loss of someone I cared so deeply about.  But I’ve also learned that from that deep grief, the shadows slowly recede to places unknown and healing finds a way to lighten the canvas again.  

My picture won’t have the same vivid colors it had so many years ago, but I’ll settle for daylight. 

An infinity sky would be nice too.

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