What are the odds?

Were you one of the many who asked the doctor for the odds?  Was it possible to beat the cancer?  Or maybe you were one of the many who asked about the possibility of the cancer returning after hearing those beautiful letters spoken out loud….”N-E-D” ? 

The science of cancer gets better by the day.  Researchers make headlines on a regular basis announcing break-throughs on genetic findings, or new therapies that prove to be better than present day treatments and there’s always the latest clinical trial that screams “magic bullet” for some cancers. 

But we always come back to the odds. 

“Can I beat this?” 

“I WILL  be the one on the far side of the curve.”  “The cure side of the curve.” 

That’s the positive side of living with cancer.  You can only hope.

Who cares what the odds are?

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