The Road Map…

Before cancer, it’s safe to say we all ‘earned’ little scars that were reminders of carefree days in our youth. Maybe jumping off the bed seemed like a good idea at the time… roller blading “looked” so easy…Snowboarding was worth the attempt, right?  No-matter what, the trip to the ER and a couple stitches later makes for a good story.  You point to it now, a faded scar, like a badge of courage..when you were fearless. 

That was before cancer. 

Now there are radiation tattoos, surgical scars where tumors once lived and ports for chemo. It is the storybook of  a  journey through cancer world.  Chapter after chapter written in stitches, rashes and baldness.  

 Warriors facing an enemy that moves through the shadows.  It begins in secret, reveals itself and changes lives, then leaves a road map that never allows us to forget.

Scars of a war well fought.


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