It’s the “new” me…

She had her second surgery.  The first one changed her forever.  The doctors took her breast and the cancer that was growing inside it.   They took some lymph nodes too. When the results came back from pathology the news was good.  No signs of cancer in the nodes.  The oncologist is still deciding on whether she’ll have chemo or radiation. 

So she waits, no longer holding her breath, but still a little anxious.

She healed from that surgery and then it was time for a new breast.  Reconstruction is a big word in breast cancer.  That’s where they try to make a person “whole” again; that’s the way she put it.  Many days of discomfort, drains, stitches and scars and she has a new breast.  She says it’s hard to see herself in the mirror.  It’s a constant reminder of what happened one late winter day when she went for a routine mammography and drove home numb after hearing about a lump and a biopsy and on and on and on.

She’s back at work now, determined to dive into her job and anything else that will distract her from thinking about how her life has changed these last few months.

“It’s the new me.”

New….in so many ways.

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