A marathon of a different kind…

Some days it’s not just about cancer here…this is one of those days. 

Looking at the chaos, the white puffs of smoke from the explosions, runners wobbling, not because they were close to finishing the Boston Marathon, but because they were rocked off their feet by what some say were IED’s,  that have killed and wounded so many this afternoon. 

This happened in Boston.  This happened in BOSTON.

They call it “The Best Day in Boston.”  It’s Patriots Day.   It’s a day off.  It’s a day game at Fenway.  It’s Marathon Day.  More than 27-thousand runners from all over the world gather, all with the intent of passing under the giant timer at the finish line to get that T-shirt that says they did it…they finished the Boston Marathon.  Instead, too many of them landed at trauma centers around the city.  Some had what was called “trauma amputations” on the spot,  before they even got to an ambulance. 

The good news, if there is any under these circumstances, the medical experts at the finish line at this race is extraordinary.  The recovery tent is packed with doctors and nurses prepared to deal with everything from a skinned knee to the extreme.  That’s what they got today. 

The aerial shots of the scene after the crowds had cleared said it all; stained sidewalks where the triage crews did the best they could to save lives.

The race for many, stopped before they reached the finish line. 

The authorities take over from here….their marathon, of a different kind,  has just begun.

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