The day after…

The day after is sometimes worse than the day.

The day after yesterday, especially for anyone who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, is a day of realizing just how close they may have been to disaster.  I have a friend who lives in Boston, who was just a few feet away from the blast sight earlier in the day.  He’d been there to celebrate Patriots Day, enjoy the Spring day and watch the runners finish the race.  He was home when the explosives took lives and injured so many innocent bystanders.

Today he is feeling the after shock of the “what if”.”  What if he had stayed later to watch the second group of runners?  What if he had been standing near the location of the explosions?  There are too many “what if’s” to think about, but that’s what is on his mind today.  He gets nervous just thinking about it.

In the hospitals around Boston, the injured have faced the day after with second surgeries, more treatment for wounds and more questions from authorities about what they remember.  FBI, police, the DA’s office is asking anyone who took a picture or a video of the race to walk into a police station or any place where investigators are working to share their pictures.  There are clues out there in those videos and photographs.  Can you imagine how many smart phones are filled with race pictures?  Some one has a shot that will break this case wide open.

It is the day after…lives have been changed forever. 

Grieving has begun for those families who lost loved ones, the injured are beginning to heal and there aren’t enough hours in the day to figure out who did this.



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