Picking up the pieces

The victims…they will be healing for the rest of their lives. 

It’s been reported that at least five of the injured have lost limbs from the explosions on Monday at the  Boston Marathon.  More than 170 victims, either still in the hospital, in various stages of care or some who have been released to return home and begin the healing of their wounds. 

We will all be picking up the pieces of these past few days for a very long time.

A person trains for months to prepare to run in the Boston Marathon.  They run other races to qualify for a spot in this iconic event.  It’s a life long achievement to run this race.  It’s an even bigger accomplishment to run under the clock and finish it. 

It hurts to run a marathon.  Muscles sieze-up and ache for days.  Feet just want to be massaged and cramps slowly disappear, but that’s usually as serious as it gets.  

Who was thinking about IED’s exploding and ball bearings, nails and other pieces of debris piercing their bodies? 

First responders, some who had just finished running the race themselves, went from celebrating to saving lives in an instant;hero’s every one of them.

And those who came to watch and cheer on the runners…so many of them ran to help where they could too. 

Good “Samaritan’s”…almost rhymes with good “American’s”….

By this time tomorrow, we can only hope that who ever did this crime will be caught.  It’s the one big piece of the puzzle that needs to be in place before the healing really begins.



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