Images to remember…

It was a bright, sunny day in Boston yesterday.  The kind of day on the East Coast when a person can’t wait to get outside and enjoy lunch time sitting on a bench being warmed by the sun.  Wintertime is long and hard, especially in Boston, so when Spring finally blossoms, there’s hardly a hesitation to get out and enjoy it.

That would be the case on a normal day, but it’s been anything but normal for Bostonians this past week.  It’s been a horror show of events that have changed the face of our country, much less that city.  I don’t know the numbers, but I would guess that most of America was tuned-in to some sort of broadcast following the events that led to the capture of 19-year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev last night.  His brother Tamerlan, 26, had been killed in a shoot-out the night before. Both are suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three and wounded more that 170.   

As each hour passed I wondered could those really be images of hundreds of police, SWAT, ATF and FBI swarming on Watertown, Mass.?  Did I really hear rapid gun fire on the streets of this small town, USA? 

It was a lot to take-in as the bright, sunny day gave way to dusk and the capture of the suspect.

These images from the week will stay with me forever.

 Terrorism is an exhausting trauma. 



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