We’ve got to help each other, that’s all there is to it.

Those of us who are out on the limbs of life dangling without a net need each other.  We certainly didn’t ask for this…we had hopes and plans and futures that just didn’t materialize. 

Cancer….the ugly disease that it is…..reached-in and changed our lives.

We’re not the type to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves, but every now and then we do need a little lifting.  We feel the weight of going it alone.  We shouldn’t feel guilty for our down days, they come with the territory.  We miss our loved ones.  We miss our former lives.  We just miss “stuff.”

So I raise a glass to all of us.  We’re working every day to get stronger and wiser and we need to appreciate all the shoulders that are out there for us to lean on when we start to cave a little.

We’re all going to make it…just remember to lean and lift. 


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