The “caring” factor

How do we kick-start the world into caring about cancer again?

It seems there’s a lull in the “caring” factor of this disease.  It has changed the lives of so manyof us across the globe.  I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t been touched by cancer.  Either a family member, a friend, an office co-worker….cancer has touched most everyone in some way; how do we so easily cut funding for something that touches us all?

It makes me sad to hear about how the men and women in the labs no longer have the dollars they need to fund research.  It’s the only way we’re ever going to find ways to better treat this beast.  Just as upsetting, is the lack of funding for caring for the patients.  Treatment aside, cancer patients and their care givers need support programs to give them the strength to push back against their disease.  It’s pretty much agreed upon these days,  cancer treatment means caring for the whole patient…mind and body and soul.

“Cure” is probably a long way off in our world, but discovery is not.  Discovery creates ways to kill cancer cells. 

We should all care about that.

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