Wham…that’s exactly how to describe the punch of hearing news of a cancer diagnosis. 

Laurie, we all felt the”Wham” of that phone call.  If you hear it once, or more than once, you get the same sick, hollow feeling of panic, distress and sadness.  Where to turn?  What doctor is the best doctor for this particular cancer?  What treatment will they recommend and how debilitating will it be?  What are the odds of survival? 

And now for the care giving.  Even being miles away, I know you are already thinking about how to reach out to your brother.  You have the tools.  You’ve been there and done it with dignity and grace.  You know how hard to push your loved one and you know how important it is to be gentle and loving when the moments present themselves.  You’re a pro and your brother will be all the better for it.

We’re here for the lifting.  We’re hear for the listening. 

I wish we could take away the “Wham.”

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