any other name?

What would it be called if it wasn’t called CANCER?

Hippocrates is given the credit for the word cancer.  He used the  Greek words ‘carcinos’ and ‘carcinoma’ t describe tumors.  He actually called it “Karkinos”  because the tumors looked like a crab by that name and he thought the cancer resembled the crab…hence the constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Leo and Gemini.

But ‘the beast’ as it’s called by many today, was around long before Hippocrates.   It was in ancient Egypt where cancer is first evident…and the Egyptians thought it was caused by the Gods.

We have so many different names that go with cancer today.  They describe in detail, what type of cancer has been diagnosed.  But when you get right down to it, it’s still “CANCER.” The name stuck for a reason.


I call it EVIL.


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