Keep the traditions alive…

I was part of a great family tradition last night….the celebration of a birthday.

Birthdays in this house were always celebrated with a lot of fanfare.  You may remember Leroy writing about how much he loved the thick icing on the grocery store bakery cake that was a mandatory order every year.  Even on his last birthday, just two months before he died, he couldn’t wait to eat birthday cake.  Actually, he couldn’t wait to eat birthday cake icing!

This birthday belonged to a very special friend of mine.  She’s a beautiful young woman who is exploding into her grown-up teen years; it’s all about clothes, boys, college around the corner and who knows what after that.  If we all think back far enough, we can still remember those  years too!

It was a real honor to be invited to join her and her brother and mom. 

The hard part was her dad was there only in spirit.  Cancer took his life 20 months ago.   But this family has prevailed.  They are a strong unit that has held on to their family traditions. Birthdays being one of them.  The birthday girl got to choose her favorite dinner.  Among all the wonderful gifts, was a gift from her Dad….a cherished present. 

The best treat of the night…the birthday cake.  Yes, you guessed it…the very same grocery store bakery birthday cake with that amazing icing.

Some traditions just can’t be improved upon!


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