Lucky Baby…

The phone rang with happy news today…A baby is due in September!  A baby girl to be exact.

This is a lucky baby.  She has chosen an amazing set of parents.  They are a caring, responsible couple who cherish each other and will do the same for their little girl.

I know this because this wonderful MOM-to-be was there for her pal Leroy during some very tough days.  She was a young, talented producer with a lot of potential when he welcomed her to the staff of ‘Nightline’ years ago.  He saw a passion for life, a desire to learn her craft and a love of adventure back then.  And when he was fighting his cancer and wanted so badly to be thought of as “Leroy” and not as “Leroy with cancer,” she would come to visit, sharing stories and asking for his guidance as a mentor…something he appreciated more than she will ever know.  She’s gone on to fulfill her dreams of seeing the world and covering stories in places most people only read about.  She often says to me, “I’m still trying to make him proud.” 

I realized, listening to her voice today, that she is in a different place now…the big stories will still be important, but her new obligations will take her in a different direction in life.  Something that won’t change is her gift of caring and support.  Just that short call today, told me she still remembers how important it is to stay connected. 

To borrow a phrase Leroy would often use…”This baby chose wisely.”

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