A Serious Threat

The definition of a threat according to Webster’s is “warning of plan to harm.”

That’s exactly the way it seems Angelina Jolie sized up her health future after genetic testing showed she had a high risk of developing breast cancer.  It was revealed today that she’s undergone a preventative double mastectomy.  This decision could not have come easily.  No doubt she had many medical experts weigh-in before she made this choice, but when it came down to it, it was her’s alone to decide.  Courage is a wonderful quality.

She’s become another warrior in cancer world, the way I see it.  Instead of fighting cancer in the treatment room, she reached out ahead of it and took away the power this beast holds over its victims.  Hooray!

She joins many others who have made this extreme choice.  They’re all warriors in this fight.  

 This isn’t the road  for everyone and luckily there are other choices if genetic testing reveals this threat.  The best part about this is, it wasn’t that many years ago when women didn’t have any choices at all.  If the genes were there, the cancer would follow and you know the rest. 

Pre-emptive strikes against cancer are not available to everyone…not yet.  Genetic testing is clearly the way cancer diagnosis is headed and eventually it will be affordable and efficient for all.

This wasn’t a movie role this time…no make believe. 

This was as real as life gets…a serious threat.





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