A Time Capsule…


I’m going to call that cylinder of radiation a time capsule filled with hope and healing.

Your brother sounds like such a brave man.  I can’t even begin to imagine what that procedure was like…painful, yes, of course, but just knowing what the surgeon had to do to get the radiation placed properly…well, I can’t even go there.

I know we talk here all the time about the forward steps in cancer treatment that have been made over the years.  This procedure has got to be on the list. 

Now the wait begins.  I’m sure his check-up in a month will tell them a lot.  The waiting after that will be very hard.  So your sister-in-law will need to find ways to encourage living rather than thinking about what’s going on behind that eye.  It sounds like they are quite a match for this cancer, so together I hope they plan gentle adventures that will keep their minds occupied and their hearts locked-in step with each other.

We will be sending the ‘good vibes’ from this end. 

That little time capsule of hope has a big job to do…the job of healing.

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