3 X Life

It was warm this morning.  Finally, a typical Spring dawn with a light breeze and a little humidity.  The day was waking up with birds singing and blue skies. 

It was the perfect day to be born.

7:10 a.m. and I looked out the window to see the miracle of life right outside my back door….times 3!

A huge mother doe was giving birth to triplets.  She had chosen the biggest oak in the yard as her shield from any interference from the outside world.  One by one these adorable little fawns stretched out in the leaves.  Mom quickly cleaned-up her new family and together they began to explore the world around them.  They are all legs and little bodies, spotted and speckled, so when they plopped down on the ground, they disappeared into the leaves and twigs pattern of Mother Nature. 

These little guys got braver as the day went on….but each time they strayed a little farther from home base, mom was there as head wrangler to ensure their safety.  Just hours old, I watched one new born take command of the yard, while the other two followed, trusting the choice to step out into the clearing to take a quick sunbath, then back among the trees to hide and nap and huddle near mom. 

‘Life’ ruled the day today.

3 X times life 


“Life” ruled the day today.


3 X Life

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