Cancer’s Bones

I got rid of most of the “stuff” that filled this house during Leroy’s cancer battle. 

You’d be surprised,( or maybe you wouldn’t),to know just how many pieces of equipment is necessary to manage a life once this disease has settled into its final stages of battle.  The bed,the machines,the wheelchair, all went out the door as fast as I could get them picked-up after Leroy died.   I hated what they represented.  But there were some things that made it to the garage and just stayed there. 

Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

So when I started clearing out garage clutter, I not only found memories from old Halloween parties, but I also discovered what I call “cancer bones.”  These are leftover bits and pieces of a hard fought battle,  now covered in spider webs and dust. 

I already had old paint cans, broken garden tools and other odds and ends stuffed into my SUV, but you can be sure, when I saw these remnants of the past, I cleared a space…a space for the old bones.

I can only imagine, the pile at the dump, where they sit now, has other scrapes of metal and plastic that have similar histories.  It just seems a fitting end.

The remains of a time put to rest.    


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