Shirts, Shoes and Dreams…OH MY

So what’s still in your closest?  What’s in your storage unit?

Shirts, shoes, a bathrobe, a favorite pair of hiking shorts?  The hat they wore on a day-off that still smells like they just walked out of the shower?

We can let go of so many pieces of cancer but it is so hard to let go of THEM.

We were in a different place as the care giver.  Our lives got smaller and the cancer spread.  We did everything we could to make it easier on them.  We made favorite foods.  We bought anything and everything that made them more comfortable.  We researched every treatment and we were there for the surgeries, the chemo and the radiation. 

Slowly we found ways of discarding those old cancer bones, but we hold on to the things that still bring them close, when we need a fix.

And what about the dreams?  They were the  plans we all had, that stretched across the years that included growing old together.   Those have been neatly tucked away in a special place of remembrance. 

Cancer came and cancer moved-on….the shirts, the shoes and hats…they stay right where they belong.


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