A Family Divided

Cancer moves in and the functioning family unit is in for a battle.  It’s the battle to stay together, in the normal way because nothing is normal any more.

Relatives and friends make schedules and take shifts.  The kids are shuffled off to neighbors homes for study times and dinner times.  Other friends and family find a place on the couch and or in the kitchen and try to lend a hand or make a meal.  It’s all done with the best intentions and love and it helps too. But sometimes all this help becomes so overwhelming, the people really living in the cancer battle, just want to say “thank you, BUT, we’re having a quiet family evening tonight.”

It’s a fine line between helping and hindering and it’s important to keep a watch on which way you’re leaning. 

Cancer families need support.   They want support and appreciate it, but sometimes it’s important to realize a family divided by this disease, really just needs some time together too.

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