It’s so hard..

The final good bye is so hard. 

Cancer takes the breath of life from a loved one and those left behind are left standing, trying to catch their breath. 

A dear friend is standing more than 3 thousand miles away this night, wondering when her tears will stop flowing.  She stands on the top of a mountain in Austria, with family and friends around her, trying to find some peace after burying her father.  Cancer stole him from her and she hurts so deeply right now.

She took such good care of him as he battled his disease. 

She is searching for the same answers so many of us have asked as we have gone through the same ordeal.  The answers don’t come…the peace doesn’t come either.

I’ve told her, she must find peace.  It’s the only way to understand what has happened and why. Without peace there is no healing.

It’s so hard….

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