The Gift of Life

Jim Kelly, the Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback has been diagnosed with cancer in his upper jaw bone.  He will have surgery on Friday.

His social media accounts have been upbeat and he says he is “extremely confident in my road to recovery.” 

Most, if not all the people I’ve known who have gotten a diagnosis of cancer have talked about their confidence and their plan to beat the beast.  They say they are prepared for the fight of their life.   And I think they really mean it too. 

So what is it that separates certain cancer patients from others?  I have one patient, or should I call him a “survivor” in mind.  This young man has gone through the rigors of cancer hell.  He’s had surgeries, many chemo treatments, set-backs and now he’s N-E-D.  He has been weakened by his cancer, but his resolve has not been shaken. 

He challenges his cancer to come and get him…truly…it’s him against it.

He tells me he’s never asked “why me” and when he heard the words ‘You have caner” he went into attack mode and has never looked back. 

He believes with all his heart he will live on his terms for as many years he’s given….cancer or no cancer.  It will be up to him to make the rules, not some disease that may or may not return to haunt his colon or liver or lungs. 

There are not many cancer patients like him, but many could take a lesson from my friend.   He is an example of what it is to have and understand a gift we have all been given…. the gift of life.


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