There’s Al…and then there’s Jason

There’s Al…the seasoned cancer warrior.  You have been a part of this community for so many years and I still get a lump in my throat every time you post a comment.  I’ve been very nervous these past couple of weeks because you haven’t been here.  I was worried that maybe the exact topic you wrote about from “The Gift of Life” was happening. 

I thought, “What if Al’s cancer pushed him to the point of no return this time?”

But here you are today, giving friend, Jason, who has the same fighting spirit as you, Al…such great words of wisdom. 

Jason is made of the same mind and heart muscle as you, Al.  You both have pushed through some seriously hard days on the cancer road and have come through thanks to a will to live and the idea that you just happen to have cancer.  It doesn’t have you.

Both of you have never felt defined by the disease.  I know about that because I watched the love of my life, live his final years exactly that way too.  It’s the only way to be. 

So, Jason, meet Al….you two are so much a like. 

You both happen to be visiting cancer world, but you don’t live there.

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