It’s a community of “givers”

This is a place of peace, wisdom, lifting and guidance.

It is a gift to all who visit.  Many of you have called it Leroy’s garden and I must say, he planted the seeds of wisdom many years ago and those seeds have grown into tall, strong Oak trees with deep roots.  We have a forest of knowledge among these posts.  We have an abundance of love that has nurtured this place.  We know when to guide and we know when to listen.  Best of all, we know when to lift, because lifting comes at the hardest time in this journey through cancer.  “Lifting” is what allows us to keep going when it seems so hard just to breathe.

We are a community of “givers.”  I thank you all of being here.

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It's a community of "givers", 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating