Dates to Remember

The clouds broke early this morning and rolled back to unveil the bright blue sky.  As I walked the beach boardwalk for an early morning wake-up, a stranger was looking out over the ocean and said to his buddy “What’s on tap for another day in paradise?”  They laughed and I just smiled. 

I’m back at the foot of the Pacific Ocean for a quick family visit…and to remember some very special days from my life with Leroy.  Yesterday, I remembered his birthday with my feet firmly planted in the sand and the waves of his ocean rolling over my toes.  I brought some flowers, one of his favorite cookies and whispered a birthday wish that the salt air captured in a breeze and lifted across the waves. 

In just a couple more days, I will remember our wedding anniversary, in much the same way.  It will be a tough week.

I’ll be leaning heavily on the peaceful Pacific to be my wall….dates to remember….remembering the Big Guy. 


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