A true blue connection…

The ocean water changes colors as the sun shines down, deep into its depths.

From the surface it sparkles as the wind creates little “butterfly” ripples.  Deeper down, the rays of sun light reach a seal darting through the water, in search of lunch.  And so it goes…until there can be no light in the deepest fathoms of the ocean.

I come here and find a peacefulness to this blue connection.  I can watch the waves for hours.   The sound of the surf is almost hypnotic.  It allows me to think about the past and plan for what could be the future.

The past brought happy times and then struggle and ultimately loss.  And the waves roll on.

The present and the future have changed because of the past and now with another birthday and anniversary behind me, I look to the future.

The waves…the ocean, provides the perfect back-drop.  There is nothing like the sound of the sea.

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