Waiting and waiting some more…

Once the diagnosis is made, the battle begins and the waiting games follow.

That’s the way it is for some friends and family of a young man who is fighting advanced disease with every cell in his body.  He’s doing well.  The cancer has retreated  thanks to a breakthrough medicine that is killing the cancer and giving him his life back for a while.   The family knows this won’t last forever, but in their minds, “forever” is now and that’s all that matters.

They’ve done their research, they’ve talked to the doctors and they know that there is a new drug, showing great results, available to them once this one stops working.  They also know that the new drug will only be available IF the scans, the blood work and all the markers show a constant sign of success.

So they wait.  They will wait for a few more weeks, when the tests begin and the results read like a fortune teller’s secret deck of cards.  What will they reveal?

Good news prolongs the current treatment.  And more waiting, until the next set of tests or a sign that the cancer is moving.

They wait…and then they wait some more…

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