Leaving the best behind…

If you live in cancer world, as a care giver or patient, at some point you’ve no doubt talked about what happens if the cancer wins the fight.

There’s usually talk about a will, a power of attorney, a medical power of attorney and many other legal documents that are part of the “cancer conversation.”  Have you talked about leaving a legacy letter or a video that leaves the best of who you are?

When we talk about those we’ve lost to cancer, we remember them so fondly and at some point say “He did such-and-such so well.”  or “She was so good at (fill in the blank).”  Some times I think we just would like to be able to see them on a DVD because we miss their voice so much or we like to remember them smiling and talking and healthy.

Legacy letters are becoming part of what some doctor’s call their suggestion package when they discuss palliative care issues with cancer patients. The legacy letter, or leaving something behind to pass along to loved ones is food for thought.

It’s leaving behind the best part of who they were and how they wanted to be remembered.  You can’t beat a time capsule like that.

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