Moving to a better day…

How long does it take to move on?

When does the sun start shining again?  When does the gray go away?

I know we’re all different, but there must be a point where we all exhale from the sadness and start to feel more like our old selves again, right?  Right.

Cancer survivors have told me how scared they were once their doctors told them it was time to get back to living.  They didn’t have to come in for scans, they could go back to their internist for general health issues and check-ups and it was a scary thought.  Cutting the cord to their oncologist was good news and yet it petrified them.

For loved ones, once the mourning eased, grief counselors would say, “time to start living again.”  Easy to say, not so easy to do.

Taking those first steps back into the world for both these groups is a test of courage.

It’s doable.  So many of us in this community have done it, or are in the middle of doing it and we know cancer survivors who are slowly getting back into life day by day.

We’ve got to be brave.  AGAIN.  Once upon a time, this would have been a piece of cake…..come on….follow me!!!


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